The Problem

2 out of 3

prisoners released will return back to prison within 3 years.

The cycle of crime and incarceration produces broken relationships, victimization, broken trust, despair, and instability impacting inmates upon release.

A Community Can Bring Sustainable Change

Our vision is to surround inmates with a church family, allowing for real discipleship, real relationship, and real community resulting in sustainable change.

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Here's How We'll Plant Sustainable Change

Purchase Church Equipment

Together, we will purchase equipment to bring the church experience into prisons.

Pair Churches With Prisons

We will identify and pair churches with prisons to create a prison wrap-around community.

Provide Community

We will establish and provide post-release community connection for sustainable relationship and change.

What It Takes To Plant A Prison Campus

  • A/V Equipment Package
  • Church Campus Pastor to Provide Support
  • Serve Teams
  • Growth Track Curriculum for Members
  • Event Calendar for Congruent Prison Campus Events
Get Involved Today

3 Ways For You To Get Involved

Everyone has a part to play. Together we can plant sustainable change in prisons across the United States.

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