All of these requests are from real inmates, people just like you and me. Let us know who you’re praying for, we’d love to know you’re partnering with us.
Thomas A
Carson City Correctional

I’m going home soon, Pray that I stay out this time.

Michael C
Carson City Correctional

Please pray for my daughter. She is struggling with cutting herself.

Garnette L
Carson City Correctional

To have peace and joy in my life.

James S
SCI Greene

Pray for my parents, they both have health issues.

Jason D
Evans Correctional

My sister is going through brain cancer. Pray for successful surgery.

Billy L
Wateree Correctional

Please pray for my father, who is fighting cancer.

Dale W
Goodman Correctional

Pray for my kids who are struggling with their dad being locked up.

William B
MacDougall CF

Pray for me! I get released in 4 months and I’m a bit nervous.

Robert S
Evans Correctional

Pray for my sister who is recovering from cancer.

Derrick M.
North Central CF

Pray for reconciliation between my family and I.

Nick M
SCI Greene

For a second chance and so I can give back.

Aaron S
Chippewa Correctional

For my sick mother, that she gets healed.

Ricky H
SCI Forest

That God would mold me into the man he created me to be.

Ian M
SCI Forest

My son to grow up knowing how much I love him.

Walter P
Noble Correctional

For my sobriety and reunion w/ kids.

Charles M
Pickaway Correctional

To be a good father to my daughter.

Ryan K
North Central CF

For my relationship with my son Jacob.

Matthew R
TCI Trumbull

To be reunited with my family.

Joe S
TCI Trumbull

A new beginning with Christ.

Charles T
Pickaway Correctional

For my sons Garrett and Silas, whom I haven’t seen in 8 years.

Tony C
TCI Trumbull

For my mother, she has a brain tumor.

Talesha B
Ohio Reformatory for Women

For strength for my son being without his mother.

Misty H
Ohio Reformatory for Women

For my sobriety and to stay clean.

Devon  F
SCI Fayette

Please pray for my mom Alisha and my brother Mikey, whom are both addicts.