Loved Well

Loved Well is a division of Breakloose with the goal to continue the challenge in Matthew 25:36 to not only go into prisons, but to also care for the sick. Loved Well is a ministry of Breakloose that will go into hospitals and care for patients, parents of patients, and the hospital staff that serves them.

Religious Services

Our Religious Services consists of both Bible Studies & Chapel Services. These programs are designed to help equip inmates to know who they are in Christ, who Christ says they are, and to walk in their destiny.


Habitudes is a 10 week program that combines images, relatable stories and experiences into leadership lesson plans that resonate with inmates, equipping them to navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship was designed and developed to help break the cycle of incarceration in America. The program was founded to provide hope to young people who have dreams of higher education and seek to live a purpose-driven life. We believe that we can help break the cycle of the past by investing in the hope of the future.